Winter Vegetable Soup Recipe: A delicious soup for cold days

After holidays or vacations

Warm soup for everyone

After the lavish holiday, you need something light and healthy. A vegetable soup rich in vitamins is perfect.

Light and healthy vegetable soup.

Almost everything you still have in the fridge, or is currently on a special offer, or that you feel is right for soup. If ten people cook vegetable soup, ten different types of soup will be prepared. One throws everything they have in the house – tomatoes, peppers, carrots, even lettuce – together, cooks it, runs the blender through all sorts of things, adds water, salts, and peppers, and enjoys a kind of warm juice. Other professional chefs, depending on the recipe, stick to the specified types and quantities of vegetables, cut the vegetables into cubes and cook them, separated by type, until cooked.

This is how you make delicious soup

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