Soup diet: all the pros and cons

With a soup diet you can eat healthy and sustainable food and ease your digestive system. However, in the form of a strict diet, it can also be a problem. Here you can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages.

Many magazines and magazines praise the soup diet primarily as a weight loss diet. So you should “dip yourself in thin” when you’ve gone wrong again. However, such a situation can quickly cause us to starve for days and work exclusively towards the ideal weight. Whether the diet is healthy and sustainable often plays a secondary role.

This not only helps Nutrient deficiency The yo-yo effect is enhanced after the diet, but it is also likely to give a negative self-image. So, focus more on eating healthy food as part of the soup diet and doing something good for your body. If you want to lose weight, you must continue to focus on your body Psychological health And avoid constant pangs of hunger.

Soup Diet: General Tips

In order to make a soup diet not only healthy and satiating, but also environmentally reasonable, you can consider the following tips:

  • Include as many different types of vegetables as possible in your diet. When making your selection, you should base your selection on what is available seasonally. In the fall and winter, for example, progress PumpkinAnd the Potatoparsnip, cabbage Leeks on. In the warm months you can open Tomatoeszucchini, Red pepper And the Broccoli to fall back. You can find more information about this in our website seasonal calendar.
  • To save time, you can prepare a large amount of soup in one go. You can also freeze it in portions and thaw as needed. Then you will always have different types of soup in stock soon and make sure that your menu is diverse enough. advice: You can make soup in different ways plastic freezefor example by using freeze in glass.
  • If you want to loosen up your gut for some time, you should cook the vegetables adequately and mash the soup well.
  • In order not to lose the pleasure of eating, you can season the soup with spices, herbs, oils, cream (vegetarian). You can also add lentils and beans before mashing them. They guarantee a creamy consistency and provide you with vegetable protein.
  • If you are more hungry, you can also add some cooked rice to the soup.
  • Do you sometimes feel like a sweet thing? This is also not a problem with the soup diet. out of place oatmealAnd steamed fruit and vegetable drink and nut butter You can make a warm breakfast soup.

If you make sure you get enough calories and nutrients, you can go on a soup diet For up to two weeks Execute – execute. After this, the gastrointestinal tract should be slowly reintroduced to solid food. To loosen up your body even more, you can also do without alcohol, nicotine and sweets during the soup fast.

Soup diet: these are the benefits

The regional vegetable stew diet is not only healthy, but also sustainable.
The regional vegetable stew diet is not only healthy, but also sustainable.
(Photo: CC0/Pixabay/silviarita)

If the soup diet is followed correctly, it can provide many benefits:

  • So eat a lot of vegetables (and maybe also cooked fruit) during this time and save yourself a lot Micronutrients.
  • If you care about regional foods, this diet is also climate friendly. After all, you can save a lot CO2 انبعاثات emissions a. If you use organic goods, you also avoid synthetic chemical products Insecticides.
  • In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often do not chew long enough, so our intestines have to struggle with larger pieces of food. can Gas And the blowing favor. With a soup diet you can give your digestive system a break for a while.
  • Especially in the cold season, you can warm up with warm soup at every meal.
  • Also, you can try many new things healthy soup recipes Outside. This way you avoid ready meals and can use your cooking time as valuable time is mine to use.
  • Ideally, you will be motivated to continue eating healthy and sustainably even after the soup diet.

You should pay attention to these shortcomings

Make sure you're getting enough calories and nutrients in your soup diet, too.
Make sure you’re getting enough calories and nutrients in your soup diet, too.
(Photo: CC0/Pixabay/FoodieFactor)

Depending on how it is designed, the soup system can also have drawbacks:

  • If you make soup only from low-calorie vegetables, you won’t feel full. So be sure to eat filling ingredients (like potatoes and pumpkin legumes or rice) and adequate fats (eg in the form of high-quality vegetable oils or (vegan) cream) To merge.
  • There is a big risk that after a few days of following the soup diet you will quickly get bored and feel the craving for solid food. You can then either take a short break or make sure to make the soup more interesting in terms of taste.
  • You may get the impression that you don’t have to drink much anymore. After all, you only eat liquid food all day long. However, you should continue to drink at least one and a half to two liters of fluid per day. It is best to use water (still) or unsweetened tea.
  • As with many forms of the diet, the critical drawback of the soup diet is that you can no longer easily go out to eat with friends. After all, you want to go through your soup treatment. Therefore, you should not practice this diet for a long time. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to the exception or order soup at the restaurant.

Diet Soup: Recipe Ideas

You can find recipes suitable for the soup diet here, for example:


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