Soak lentils: does it have to be?

Whether it’s an appetizer, side dish or main course: lentils are tender, light and healthy. For a long time, legumes were considered a classic ingredient in the poor man’s kitchen. This has changed. Meanwhile, amateur and star chefs agree that the superfood is incredibly versatile and incredibly tasty. Only this question divides fans: Soak lenses – should they be? We explain.

To soak the lentils or not – that is the question

You read in many recipes that dried lentils should be soaked in plenty of water before cooking. Some recipes even call for the little brown energy pods to be soaked in cold water for 12 hours. This does not have to be. Now you’ll discover why you can save time and prepare lentils automatically.

Lentils – healthy and uncomplicated fun

For example, if you’re craving a classic lentil soup, put a bowl of brown lentils in a saucepan with the right amount of water. Spoil them with bay leaf and cook for 20 minutes. Then they are almost soft. Now add the remaining steamed ingredients and the lentil soup will be ready soon. If you pre-soak it, it will disintegrate very quickly. The result: a pleasant tasting lentil with a soft consistency. Just look at the lens, it’s small and delicate. Lentils do not like water baths for hours. The same applies not only to tablet lenses, but also to Puy lenses, mountain lenses, and red and yellow lenses. Imagine a lens? Our best recipes:

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So, now enjoy cooking lentils. And remember: soaking lentils is a thing of the past!

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