Quick Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Banana

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Thai Coconut Curry Soup |  © Chiquita

Fast, easy and delicious! This Thai soup warms you up from the inside out!

© Chiquita

Do you like warm Asian soup? So this recipe is absolutely correct. The Guide to Coconut Curry Soup: It’s made with green bananas. An unusual station wagon that has been used in Asian countries for a long time.

  1. Fry the curry paste in oil in a saucepan.

  2. Then add the coconut milk, water and stock cubes and let everything simmer.

  3. Cut the pepper into thin rings. Peel the banana and cut it into slices. Fry both briefly in a covered skillet over high heat.

  4. Put the soup in bowls or on plates and add the banana slices and pepper.

  5. Garnish with coriander, peanuts and red pepper.

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