Lentil soup with carrots and mango – recipe

The stinky spice fits perfectly into the current situation

On typical workdays, I like to have soup for lunch, no matter what time of year it is. And since I’m really craving a little more normality at the moment, I thought I’d make a typical office lunch for us in the form of lentil soup, hoping something like the more normal everyday situation in life would adjust with it. Because this crisis is slowly arriving at me. As you can imagine, the soup, of course, did not lead to life returning to normal. But it tasted good and we shared it throughout the meal
He became happy, full, and content on the kitchen table. The soup is quick to prepare and contains, in addition to lentils, onions, carrots, mango, fresh basil and a variety of spices. Refined with coconut milk. Among other things, I used a spice that I just loved because of its name: Asafoetida means stinky dirt or devil in German. Because yes, it stinks, and it stinks so badly. But when it is cooked, the unpleasant smell disappears and the characteristic, pleasant aroma of garlic develops. Anyway, the stinky seasoning fits perfectly into the current situation, I think. However, if you are suspicious of this spice, just leave it out and use a clove of garlic instead. I should also note that asafoetida and onions do not mix: if you want stinky spices, it is better to leave the onions.

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