Lemon operation: it’s that easy

Updated: 10.10.2022 – 15:24

For lovers of Asian cuisine
It’s that easy: lemongrass treatment

We love fresh lemons.  It brings a touch of Asian to the plate.  Tasty!

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We love fresh lemons. It brings a touch of Asian to the plate. Tasty!

Lemongrass comes from Asia and is also very popular with us. With our curing tips and recipes, you’ll become a professional in Asia.

If you don’t cook regularly with Asian foods or spices, you’ll often stand in the kitchen wondering how to use them properly. She often picks up the phone and asks friends. You can now save a call if you use our guide It’s that easy: lemongrass treatment Print or save. Because we Chefs BILD der FRAU love light Asian food and are happy to share our knowledge of the kitchen with you.

Lemon operation: it’s that easy

Before we get to the practical matters, let’s get into the rapture. Because fresh lemongrass not only gives dishes a slight spiciness, but also gives them a very special aroma. It owes its strong, lemony taste to the essential oil citralwhich are found in lemon.

Narrow and coarse leaves are not used in Southeast Asian cuisine. Chefs generally use only the lower parts of the lemongrass. Just like in Germany, the bottom of a green onion or shallot often goes into the pot or pan. Then what is there? Definitely Thai Chicken Noodle Soup and Crispy Noodles, because it makes us totally full and happy. Chicken and shrimp balls are also successful. These delicious little balls are the perfect appetizer that you can prepare for visitors. And best of all, it’s low in carbs! A favorite of editors is definitely the fresh turkey and mango curry, and the sweet mango, combined with the spicy and lemongrass curry taste, is sure to satisfy you too. But, of course, we do not want to deprive you of the exotic classic chicken soup with coconut milk, the legendary Tom Kha Gai. Tom Kha Jay means by the way Boiled chicken galangal soup. Galangal root, a ginger plant, provides the wonderful, fresh flavor of this Asian export hit.

Lemongrass treatment made easy – this is how it works

You need a cutting board and a sharp chef’s knife with a long, sturdy blade. No more. This is how you follow up:

  • Cut off enough from the top of the lemongrass stems to leave about 10-15 cm at the bottom. Now cut off the root end and remove the dried outer leaves.
  • Clean the rest of the lemongrass under cold running water and dry it if necessary. Now there are several options:
  • Possibility #1: If you want to cook whole stalks, cut them lengthwise down from the middle and beat them lightly. Before seasoning, remove the fish from the pot or pan and discard it. Then the smell is not particularly intense.
  • Possibility 2: Cut the lemongrass into thin rings, cook with it and eat it later if you like. If you have guests, it is best to ask if they would like to eat lemongrass. Some find the hardware to be a little uncomfortable.
  • Possibility 3: Chop very fine and sprinkle over prepared dishes. This gives the yogurt a special boost! If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time!

As you can see, there is more than one way to use lemongrass in the kitchen. And if there are few plant stems left, pack them in a freezer bag and then put them in the freezer. These last for several months.

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Rice is as much a part of Asian cuisine as lemongrass. You can easily replace the green onions, cooked in our simple recipe, with lemongrass. Then the spicy dish becomes even more exotic. In the video you can see the step-by-step instructions:

In general, you can use lemongrass for all national cuisines. If you want a refreshing lemon scent, it refines soups, sauces, curries, salads, vegetables, drinks and desserts. Lemon is a real talent in all respects. You can find more facts, suggestions, tips and recipes on our Asian Kitchen topic page. So, now we wish you a lot of fun processing lemongrass.


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