Great recipe to save! This is how you cook the best carrot soup in the world quickly and inexpensively

Carrot broth is very tasty, but it can be prepared quickly and with cheap ingredients.  The recipe tells you how to do it.
Carrot broth is very tasty, but it can be prepared quickly and with cheap ingredients. The recipe tells you how to do it. imago / shoot shop

It’s getting colder outside, and heaters can’t be on top this winter to save some money – how can we heat up instead! Of course with delicious food. Now stews are often served at dinner: they are quick to prepare, they taste delicious, and in many cases they are really cheap. Here comes a delicious recipe that tastes good and costs little: Carrot stew like Grandma’s usual!

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Carrot stew recipe: This is how Grandma used to make vegetable stew

In addition to carrots, which are available in the supermarket for little money, there are also potato cubes and some ground meat in this carrot broth. If you want it cheaper, you can of course omit the meat, then the soup is vegetarian, but it tastes good.

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Carrot broth has another advantage: the ingredients are easy to prepare. If carrots, for example, are for sale in the supermarket, you can buy them, peel, clean, slice and then freeze. If soup is served on the table, simply remove it from the freezer and put it in a large saucepan with the prepared broth and bring to a boil.

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Some fresh bread with butter goes well with this delicious carrot soup. Try our recipe for onion bread – creamy, simple and absolutely delicious! Ready-made stews can easily be kept in the refrigerator for two days – so you can also prepare larger quantities for several days. Try the recipe, you will be amazed…

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Carrot Broth Ingredients: Here’s What You Need

For carrot soup you need: 1 kg of carrots, 5 large potatoes, 500 g of mixed minced meat, 2.5 liters of vegetable broth, 2 onions, 1 bunch of parsley, salt, pepper, paprika powder, some cayenne pepper, some oil

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In the fall, a hot bowl of carrot broth tastes delicious.  Try the recipe!
In the fall, a hot bowl of carrot broth tastes delicious. Try the recipe! imago / panthermedia

This is how it works: peel the carrots for carrot broth, clean and cut into thin strips, this is best done with a vegetable cutter or a suitable food processor. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes. Peel the onions, cut into quarters and cut into quarters of rings.

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Put the carrots in a large saucepan and pour the vegetable broth. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer for about 15 minutes, until it softens. Halfway through the cooking time, add the potato cubes and let them cook.

Meanwhile, heat some oil in a small saucepan and fry the onions in it. Add minced meat and fry until crumbly. Season everything with salt, pepper and a pinch of paprika powder. When the vegetable broth is cooked, add the chopped onion mixture to the carrot broth and stir.

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Wash the parsley, shake it to dry, and chop finely. Add it to the soup. Season the soup well with salt, pepper, paprika powder and cayenne pepper, leave for 10 minutes and serve hot. A slice of bread goes well with carrot soup. enjoy your meal!

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