Grandma’s Chicken Soup: The classic recipe for home cooking

Chicken soup served in a bowl |  © Getty Images / Westend61

Grandma’s Chicken Soup: The classic recipe for home cooking

© Getty Images / Westend61

Childhood memories, comfort food, treats: Grandma’s chicken soup has many synonyms. We know only one recipe: delicious!

Said to have magical healing powers: Grandma’s chicken soup is said to revitalize the body if you have flu symptoms. Believe it or not, warm soup with a good dose of childhood memories is the comfort food to eat in fall and winter return direction testing.

We explain how to cook a classic and how to adapt the recipe for vegetarians Step by Step over here.

You need fresh ingredients to give broth the strong flavor you know from your grandmother’s kitchen. Stock cubes have no place in the classic recipe. Instead, a very simple chicken broth is prepared first and then combined with soup accompaniments.

Fresh chicken soup: A whole chicken will come out quite a bit of broth, but that’s not a problem because it freezes well too. Alternatively, you can use only half a chicken or chicken thighs. On the other hand, it is important that the meat is fresh and of organic quality, and on the other hand, it still contains fat and bones, because they give it a particularly good taste. Chicken breasts packed from a refrigerated display case don’t make a good broth.

Vegetable soup: Depending on how much soup you want to cook, you need a similarly large portion of greens soup. However, when in doubt, it is better to use a little green rather than very little. Then the soup becomes more flavorful. For a whole chicken, you can use 3-4 carrots, 1 onion, ½ celery root, 2-3 leeks and a bunch of parsley.

Parsley root: Apart from the rest of the vegetable soup, the parsley onion is a key ingredient because it has a particularly strong aroma. You can add about half an onion to a whole chicken in the pot.

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Cut the vegetable soup into large pieces. Just cut the parsley root and onion in half and you can also leave the parsley whole.

Dry the chicken with a dry cloth.

Put the vegetable soup in a saucepan with chicken and fill it with cold water (!) so that the chicken is covered.
Season everything with a pinch of salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Once the water boilsReduce the heat until the soup just boils.

Everything should simmer for about 90 minutes, removing the foam from time to time.

Cut the carrots, broccoli, and leeks into small bite-size pieces.
Remove the chicken meat from the bones and chop it into small pieces.
Gravy palmOr remove the greens and bring to a boil again.
Depending on your preference, cook 2 to 3 portions of soup noodles directly into the soup broth. At the same time, carrots, broccoli and leeks can also be added to the soup. Finally, add the pieces of meat. The rest of the chicken can be used for frying the next day.

swipe chicken and Replace it with hummus. Small legumes are true protein bombs and are therefore often called vegan chicken. They make a great soup broth and soup accompaniment at the same time. It is worth using more tasty and also healthy vegetable soup for more flavour. The big advantage of the vegetarian version: the soup should simmer for only 20 minutes, which saves a lot of time and energy.

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