From lemon chicken to chicken soup – the best chicken recipes

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chicken in pot

Lemon chicken with potatoes

With a whole roasted chicken, you spread Sunday cheer to the table – without having to spend an entire Sunday in the kitchen. Five recipes we particularly love.

“I want every farmer to have a chicken in the pot on Sundays,” said Heinrich IV. Today, chicken (ready-to-cook and sustainably raised) is hard to come by—but many people shy away from preparing a whole bird. That’s a shame, because the golden-brown roast chicken, or the aroma of herbs or garlic in the center of the table is really what sets the mood for Sunday — even on Tuesday night.

Chicken with lemon from the oven

Lemon, herbs, potatoes – with this recipe, the side dish is already cooked. Lemon chicken is the kind of classic recipe that, after a few tries, you’ll do without much thought—and write on a recipe card for your kids when they leave.

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lemon chicken

Orange glazed chicken from the oven

If you want to be a little faster, using poultry shears to remove the spines will help (it’s easier than it sounds). Then the whole chicken can be spread out and cooked evenly. We made it with an orange and cranberry glaze.

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Orange Chicken Glazed

Grilled chicken with gin and pear slaw

This is what autumn looks like on a plate: grilled chicken cooked with pears and thyme in the oven. The slaw spirit is used in the sauce.

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Grilled chicken with gin slaw

Meat with a kick and fruit

Fried chicken rillette with apple and onion

Almost perfect for using up leftover chicken, this French recipe works from snacks to appetizers. It is also worth putting a very large chicken or extra thighs in the oven to prepare it.

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Fried chicken rillette on bread

Poultry roasting – this is how it works

In the summer, of course, there’s nothing wrong with cooking chicken outside over charcoal or gas on the grill instead of in the pot and oven. Here are some tips on what to look for.

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With grilled chicken thighs, the marinade should only be applied to the meat during the grilling process

Spicy chicken soup with udon noodles

It’s always a good idea to have a chicken soup recipe on hand for those chilly days. This is also really spicy and fills you up with delicious udon noodles.

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