Brussels sprouts recipe! This is how you turn tubers into a delicious soup

Great recipe!  Instant Brussels sprouts soup - and a delicious autumnal dish.
Great recipe! Instant Brussels sprouts soup – and a delicious autumnal dish. Images: imago / panthermedia, imago / ajifotostock

Brussels sprouts are an absolute fall oriented vegetable—the little tubers may not be popular with kids, but adults love them more. In the end, it is always about preparation. Have you ever eaten Brussels sprouts as a soup? Together with potatoes, carrots and a few tricks, a great vegetable soup can be prepared quickly and easily from winter vegetables. Find out how to do it.

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The best thing about this soup is that it practically cooks itself. Brussels sprouts are the only work that needs to be done – to clean them, you have to cut off the outer leaves and the stem. If you do not want to do the work yourself, you can, of course, use frozen Brussels sprouts. But carrots and potatoes should be fresh. Here’s the recipe!

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Brussels sprouts stew recipe: easy soup

You will need: 1 kilogram of Brussels sprouts, 300 grams of carrots, 300 grams of potatoes, 1 onion, 2 liters of vegetable broth, 1 handful of parsley, a pinch of medium-tempered mustard, salt, pepper and paprika powder.

And this is how it works: Brussels sprouts are cleaned first. This means: remove the outer leaves and cut the stem at the bottom. Then the flowers are divided into quarters. Potatoes are peeled and cut into small pieces, carrots are also peeled and cut into strips. Onions are peeled and small cubes.

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Then heat some oil in a saucepan and fry the chopped onions. Then add the prepared vegetables. Sweat everything gently with vegetable broth. Put the lid on and simmer for 20 minutes, until the vegetables are tender. Meanwhile, chop the parsley stalks, wash the parsley and chop finely. If it’s not vegetables at all, season the soup with salt, pepper and plenty of paprika powder and season with plenty of mustard—dissolve three to four tablespoons in the soup until you get the right flavor.

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Finally, add chopped parsley—a delicious, buttery crunchy bread that goes well with Brussels sprouts soup. enjoy your meal!

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