The Wave of Devastation

What power has witnessed even as watch the oncoming wave of water. These homes and buildings which are designed to protect us in the elements are now being ignored and swept away by one of those elements. As if in slow motion we stand in awe as the wave lifts and floats everything in its path by using these ease and lack of effort. We watch as being a train, wanting to speed away through the danger is lifted from the rail and swept further along at 2 hundred kilometers 1 hour simply to disappear and become the main debris being propelled further inland. ซีรี่ย์ญี่ปุ่น of such permanent structures before our eyes is worse than any nightmare. A ship will be pushed sideways to the roofs from the houses inside wake of this wall of water. A floating bus suddenly stops and because water rises around it we can easily begin to see the people inside desperately attempting to reach an exit. The whole bus with occupants is swallowed and lost to sight as the water is constantly advance.
We stand helpless amidst screams of terror and anguish watching the large scale devastation. The overwhelming power with the tsunami is much beyond any normal comprehension. The buildings are swirling around for the water like flotsam in the whirlpool. The variety of human lives which are increasingly being lost in a very few minutes is greater than the American servicemen casualties of 8 many years of war in Iraq. We are standing on a hill about two and a half kilometers inland and seeking down with a large multi-storey hospital since the water rises to 4th floor level. A ship is slammed in to the walls with the hospital. Below us is really a school in which a number of youngsters are inside school yard, suddenly water gushes in the lower half with the school and totally obliterates half from the children. The other kids are running you’d like they are able to further in the hill to leave a similar fate as his or her peers so we watch helplessly since they too are consumed by the lake. A man struggles to free himself from a car being tossed around for the water as being a toy. Sadly we are able to only stand and observe with lumps inside our throats and tears within our eyes as the water actually starts to subside revealing a scene of total destruction and tragic devastation.